Earth is waking from it’s Winters sleep

warmer days are such a treat

Spring has begun

or has it just sprung

birds are tweeting

Sheep are bleeting

blossom filling the air with scent

smell them quick before they are spent

blue skies

and busy Bees

pollinating our trees

leaves uncurling

fluffy white clouds whirling, twirling swirling

soil preparation

in anticipation

for what this year will bring

Blooming Bluebells in Calke Park

Bluebells are blooming and filling Serpentine Wood at National Trust Calke Abbey with their heavenly scent and bright blue petals. Whilst visiting on a sunny blue sky day they seemed to be the perfect compliment for the acid green leaves bursting from Beech trees.

What could be more idyllic than an English woodland filled with Bluebells and birdsong in Spring. Click here for a virtual Bluebell visit.

Abstract Bluebell photos. I would love to know what you think