Civil War skirmish at Bradgate Park with Sealed Knot

Lord Thomas Grey’s regiment of foote arranging troops to march the path at Bradgate Park before battle commences.
The biggest and strongest men in the unit are Pikeman, carrying a Pike (pole normally made of Ash measuring 16-20 feet long) hence the need for the men to be strong. They wore helmets known as a Morion, the role of Pikeman was to protect the musketeers from the cavalry whilst Musketeers reloaded their weapons.

Susan Guy_Sealed Knot before battle at Bradgate Park 2014A Drummer has an important part in the battle as soldiers would struggle to hear orders over the noisy battle ground & the drummer would beat out each specific instruction to soldiers to hear above the horses hooves, noisy cannons, and muskets firing.
Susan Guy_Sealed Knot march at Bradgate Park 2014For years the longbow played a part in battles but to use one effectively took lots of training. Following black powder the longbow was replaced by a musket due to greater armour penetration and recruits could be trained in just a couple of days.

– Musket firing during re-enactment battle –

Susan Guy_Sealed Knot battle at Bradgate Park 2014

– Canon firing during re-enactment battle –

Susan Guy_Sealed Knot cannon at Bradgate Park 2014 (2

Susan Guy_Sealed Knot End of battle at Bradgate Park 2014 (2

The re-enactment event ended with the Pikeman charging towards the spectators

SGP_8908 Susan Guy_Sealed Knot 2014

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