Lovely Lyveden

Upon arriving at National Trust Lyveden – an Elizabethan lodge with moated garden in the heart of Northamptonshire. I was greeted with the sight of a swarm of Honey bees following the Queen into the cottage tearoom eaves….perhaps they wanted some delicious cake too!

Built in the shape of a Greek cross to symbolise Sir Thomas Treshams Catholic faith. Lyveden New Bield is perfectly symmetrical but incomplete as building work stopped when Sir Thomas Tresham died in 1605.

North view

Susan Guy_Lyveden_North_Exterior_17.05.16_3 c


West view

Susan Guy_Lyveden_Garden_Moat_West Exterior_17.05.16_2 c

Panorama looking towards the West side of Lyvedon from moat edge with spiral mount awaiting exploration.

Susan Guy_Lyveden_Panorama_Garden_Spiral Mound_West Exterior_17.05.16 cSouth view

Susan Guy_Lyveden_South_Exterior_17.05.16_1 c

Alternative South view of Lyveden

Susan Guy_Lyveden_South_Globe_Exterior_17.05.16_1 c

Panorama from South side

Susan Guy_Lyveden_Panorama_South_Exterior_17.05.16 c

South East view

Susan Guy_Lyveden_South East_Exterior_17.05.16_1 Infrared c

You enter via the low servants door into a very spacious shell with beautiful stone, gorgeous curved arch doorways and a small spiral staircase to take you to the first floor window with view overlooking the huge expanse of countryside.

Susan Guy_Lyveden_Interior_17.05.16_2 c

Exterior and cute bird graffiti, wonder what the story is behind these birds

There are a pair of spiral mounts, these were extremely popular in the 16th century to provide an elevated viewpoint of the garden and beyond. The spiral pathway enables the viewer to reach the top with little effort.

Susan Guy_Lyveden_Garden_Spiral Mound_17.05.16_1 c

Panorama view of Lyvedons West face with spiral mount and moat, with footbride to gain access to the mount.

Susan Guy_Lyveden_Panorama_Wide_Garden_Spiral Mound_West Exterior_17.05.16 Infrared c

Just some of the flora and fauna that call Lyveden home – Lady Smock (also known as Cuckoo flower) a Red Kite soaring on a thermal, Mallard Ducks with their chicks, fish in moat pool, Cowslips and a beautiful bug hotel that’s home to all sorts of bugs and beetles. Hawthorn was foaming with a mass of white flower heads busily being pollinated by some of the Honey Bees that call the Orchard hive home.

View from the raised terrace
Susan Guy_Lyveden_Panorama_Garden_17.05.16 c


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