Tudor Christmas at Packwood House

In the past 3 weeks I have visited six National Trust properties.

So here is my fifth festive visit, National Trust Packwood House

Walking into the Entrance Hall to be greeted by the bushiest Christmas Tree that I’ve seen this festive period. It looked splendid with dried oranges, silver bells, red stars and cinnamon sticks tied with raffia.

From the entrance hall and along the long gallery with a Christmas Tree in each alcove each adorned with paper lanterns, Delft print origami paper stars and multi coloured Elephants, down the steps and into the Great Hall. To be astounded with magnificent fresh fruit display running the length of the Refectory table. Citrus and cinnamon smell was delightful and pungent although due to my fresh fruit allergy I did have to step back a little.

I love the dining room at Packwood and it just seems to come to life with the Christmas finery displayed on the gateleg table with tree twinkling in the corner. I can imagine myself curled up in the corner in front of the fire with good book and small glass of warm spiced wine. Even the study had a tree in the corner and bright red Carnation floral arrangement in the fireplace.

Some National Trust houses are still open over the festive period but remember to check opening times before you leave. Parkland ususally remains open in the winter months but houses close for conservation, cleaning and to get ready for Spring

Copyright Susan Guy


2 thoughts on “Tudor Christmas at Packwood House

  1. So wonderful to look upon! I am so glad Rob Boneham recommended your lovely presentation here on the net! Just grand !

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