Autumn begins

Autumn colour begins at National Trust Calke Abbey I adore the changing seasons

Into the Beech woodland for a lovely afternoon stroll

Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Autumn_Beech Tree_11.10.15_6 c

Beautiful sunlight shines through the leaves and sunlight makes a magical rainbow

Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Autumn_Beech Tree_11.10.15_1 c

Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Autumn_Beech Tree_11.10.15_3 c

Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Autumn_Beech Tree_11.10.15_4 c

Along the woodland path a little further and the most magnificent bright colours of Beech and Ash tree leaves, the woods are beginning to catch fire with the colours of Autumn

Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Autumn_Beech Tree_Leaves_11.10.15_1 c Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Autumn_Beech Tree_Leaves_11.10.15_2 c Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Autumn_Ash Tree_Leaves_11.10.15_1 c Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Autumn_Beech Tree_Leaves_Moss_11.10.15 c

I am not an expert at identifying fungi but with the help of my trusty Collins Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain and Europe book an attempt is made at naming them. Definitely would never trust my id and always buy mushrooms from the supermarket!

Shaggy Scallycap Fungi

Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Autumn_Fungi_11.10.15_1 cAmethyst Deceiver toadstoolSusan Guy_Calke Abbey_Autumn_Fungi_11.10.15_3 cPale Tussock Moth caterpillar with its amazing fluffy looking tufts of hair inches it’s way past whilst photographing fungi
Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Autumn_Pale Tussock Moth Caterpillar_11.10.15_1 c

One of my favourite Stag photos so far this year, looking great against Horse Chestnut

Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Stag_06.10.15_2 c

A Stag emerges from the trees blowing a raspberry or maybe he is just pursuing a Doe?
Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Autumn_Stag_11.10.15_1 cDown by the pond he splashes, waits, splashes some more and then wallows all with the purpose of making himself smell nice, Rutting season has certainly begun
Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Autumn_Stag_11.10.15_4 c Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Autumn_Stag_11.10.15_5 c Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Autumn_Stag_11.10.15_6 c Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Autumn_Stag_11.10.15_7 c
Beautiful reflections at Mere Pond

Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Autumn_Mere Pond_11.10.15_4 Pano c Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Autumn_Mere Pond_11.10.15_3 c

Accompanied by our daughter we had a really lovely beginning of Autumn stroll
Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Autumn_Tree_Ruth_11.10.15_1 c


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