A is for Apple …#AnAppleADay – National Trust Stoneywell Cottage

Over the past few days I’ve been walking around a few Orchards looked after by the National Trust to check out the harvest, I’ve been to Stoneywell Cottage, Coughton Court and Calke Abbey.

This is my 2nd year to wander the Orchard at Stoneywell Cottage and it offers the biggest Apple harvest I have seen to date.

Apple varieties at Stoneywell Cottage are Newton Wonder (eating), Bramley and Worcester Pearmain (cookers) it’s a small orchard compared to the other properties visited but I’m sure it was plenty big enough to have kept the Gimson family home supplied with oodles of apples to stew, crumble, turn into pies or eat straight from the tree – #50things.

This is the third in a series of “Apple Blogs” Calke Abbey Apple blog is here, and the Coughton Court apple blog you’ll find here

SusanGuy_Stoneywell_Cottage_Front_09.07.15_4 wStoneywell Cottage OrchardSusan Guy_Stoneywell_Apple_Orchard_07.09.15_3 wSusan Guy_Stoneywell_Apple_Orchard_07.09.15_1BramleySusan Guy_Stoneywell_Apple_Bramley_07.09.15_1 w Susan Guy_Stoneywell_Apple_Bramley_07.09.15_3 w Susan Guy_Stoneywell_Apple_Bramley_07.09.15_7 wNewton WonderSusan Guy_Stoneywell_Apple_NewtonWonder_07.09.15_1 w


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