A is for Apple …#AnAppleADay – National Trust Coughton Court

Apple harvest at Coughton Court looks to be a good crop this year.

Over the past few days I’ve visited a few Orchards looked after by the National Trust to check out the harvest. I’ve been to Coughton Court, Stoneywell Cottage and Calke Abbey.

Lots of little yellow Apples hang like jewels from the trees in the Coughton Court Orchard along with beautiful rosy red ones. Perfect to lure Snow White! I can only eat cooked fruit so these will have to go in crumble accompanied with oodles of custard.

Hope you enjoy seeing a few of the varieties at Coughton Court unfortunately for this blog I didn’t record the variety of Apple. This is the second in a series of “Apple Blogs” if you want to see the Calke Abbey Apple blog, you’ll find it here

SGP_2400 Susan Guy_Coughton CourtPart of Coughton Court OrchardSGP_2571 Susan Guy_Coughton Court_AppleLove how these Apple tree trunks and branches have been trained into a patternSGP_2419 Susan Guy_Coughton Court_AppleSGP_2569 Susan Guy_Coughton Court_AppleSGP_2436 Susan Guy_Coughton Court_AppleSGP_2433 Susan Guy_Coughton Court_AppleSGP_2425 Susan Guy_Coughton Court_AppleSGP_2422 Susan Guy_Coughton Court_AppleSGP_2415 Susan Guy_Coughton Court_AppleSGP_2427 Susan Guy_Coughton Court_AppleSGP_2408 Susan Guy_Coughton Court_Apple SGP_2423 Susan Guy_Coughton Court_Apple

Eat an Apple on going to bed and you’ll stop the Doctor from earning his bread


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