A is for Apple …#AnAppleADay – National Trust Calke Abbey

Apple picking season is nearly upon us and this years harvest looks to be a bumper crop.

Over the past few days I’ve visited a few Orchards looked after by the National Trust to check out the harvest. I’ve been to Calke Abbey, Coughton Court and Stoneywell Cottage.

So many old varieties of Apples in various shapes, sizes and colours. Due to an allergy it’s a shame I can only eat them cooked but hey Apple Pie it is

This is the first in a series of “Apple Blogs”  hope you enjoy seeing a few of the varieties at Calke Abbey

Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Blue_Sky_27.06.15_2 wCalke Abbey OrchardSusan Guy_Calke Abbey_OrchardsSusan Guy_Calke Abbey_Apple GardenWinter QuarendenSusan Guy_Calke Abbey_Winter Quarenden Apple GlasshouseSusan Guy_Calke Abbey_Winter Quarenden Apple WallSusan Guy_Calke Abbey_Winter Quarenden Apple Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Winter Quarenden Apple BranchSissons Worksop
Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Sissons Worksop Apple Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Sissons Worksop ApplesCatshead Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Catshead ApplesSusan Guy_Calke Abbey_Catshead Apple Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Catshead OrchardAshmeads Kernel
Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Ashmeads Kernel Apples Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Ashmeads Kernel Apple Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Ashmeads Kernel Barnack Orange
Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Barnacks Orange Apple Belvoir Seedling
Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Belvoir Seedling Apple Bess Pool
Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Bess Pool Apple Marriage Maker
Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Marriage Maker ApplePickerings Seedling
Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Pickerings Seedling ApplesDomino
Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Domino Apple Nottingham Pippin
Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Nottingham Pippin AppleQueen Charlotte
Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Queen Charlotte Apple Tree Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Queen Charlotte Apple

An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away

With this this many Apples waiting to harvest there should keep the Doctor away for quite sometime!!


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