Something for the weekend…

Something for the weekend…..lovely day today spent watching the Sealed Knot battle in the grounds of Stanford Hall, Leicestershire.

The group are also be performing on Bank Holiday Monday so here’s an insight into what you really must see #LoveHistoryLiveHistory

SusanGuy_SGP_5459 BW









SusanGuy_SGP_5476 SusanGuy_SGP_5488

SusanGuy_SGP_5497 SusanGuy_SGP_5514 SusanGuy_SGP_5524 SusanGuy_SGP_5527 SusanGuy_SGP_5529 SusanGuy_SGP_5531 SusanGuy_SGP_5538 SusanGuy_SGP_5543 SusanGuy_SGP_5550 SusanGuy_SGP_5553 SusanGuy_SGP_5556 SusanGuy_SGP_5558 SusanGuy_SGP_5562 SusanGuy_SGP_5563 SusanGuy_SGP_5564 SusanGuy_SGP_5566 SusanGuy_SGP_5567 SusanGuy_SGP_5569 SusanGuy_SGP_5572 SusanGuy_SGP_5575 SusanGuy_SGP_5590 SusanGuy_SGP_5591 SusanGuy_SGP_5593 SusanGuy_SGP_5595 SusanGuy_SGP_5598 SusanGuy_SGP_5603 SusanGuy_SGP_5614 SusanGuy_SGP_5617 SusanGuy_SGP_5621 SusanGuy_SGP_5624 SusanGuy_SGP_5629 SusanGuy_SGP_5636 SusanGuy_SGP_5645 SusanGuy_SGP_5649 SusanGuy_SGP_5654 SusanGuy_SGP_5660 SusanGuy_SGP_5662 SusanGuy_SGP_5663 SusanGuy_SGP_5667 SusanGuy_SGP_5669 SusanGuy_SGP_5671 SusanGuy_SGP_5683 SusanGuy_SGP_5686 SusanGuy_SGP_5698 SusanGuy_SGP_5708 SusanGuy_SGP_5713


Volunteers Week – a glance at my week

This week 1 – 7 June has been volunteers week, celebrating all the hard work volunteers do for the Trust and other organisations.

As many of you know I am a photographic volunteer for the National Trust at Calke Abbey and today marks the 2nd anniversary of me joining the Trust volunteer team. cake 2

Here’s what I’ve been up to this week.

Monday: Started with the announcement I had gained 3rd place for some photographs entered into National Trust volunteer photography competiton.

Volunteer week

Susan Guy_Calke Abbey 3rd place Winner collage

Tuesday: A lunchtime stroll around National Trust Stoneywell and friendly chat over the stone wall with local cows

SGP_5957 Susan Guy_Stoneywell_Cottage_02.06.15 SGP_5917 Susan Guy_Stoneywell_Garden_02.06.15 SGP_5964 Susan Guy_Stoneywell_Cows_02.06.15

Wednesday: Today was the day to suit up ready for a Bee Hive inspection with Paul Simpson in the Apple Orchard, he’s beekeeper and one of the gardeners at Calke Abbey

SGP_6023 Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Long Grass_03.06.15 SusanGuy_CalkeAbbey_BeeHive_21.05.15_24 w SusanGuy_CalkeAbbey_BeeHive_21.05.15_4 wSusanGuy_CalkeAbbey_BeeHive_21.05.15_22 w SusanGuy_CalkeAbbey_BeeHive_21.05.15_15 w

SGP_6171 Susan Guy_Bee Suit

Time for a little daisy chain making before the lawnmower had other ideas.

SGP_6110 Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Daisy Lawnmower_03.06.15Thursday: A few ladders to climb to have a look at the conservation work currently happening at Staunton Harold Church with Steve Bull, Stonemason.
SGP_6271 Susan Guy_Staunton Harold Church_04.06.15 (1 SGP_6271 Susan Guy_Staunton Harold Church_04.06.15 (2 SGP_4884 nt wSGP_6271 Susan Guy_Staunton Harold Church_04.06.15 (3

After the church onto Calke Abbey for a short meander through the Physic Garden, spotted these baby Blue Tits that look almost ready to fledge and into the Orangery to be stunned by amazing shadows. What nicer place to eat your lunch before going on a Ranger led walk in the afternoon

SGP_6336 Susan Guy_Blue TitSGP_6336 Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Orangery_04.06.15 20150603_150907

Fantastic walk around part of Calke Abbeys estate with Ranger Ben Robinson looking at plant life, here’s Twayblade, Speedwell and Henbane then into the Deer pen.

SGP_4618 Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Twayblade SGP_6379 Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Speedwell_04.06.15 SGP_6461 Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Houndstongue_04.06.15 SGP_6426 Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Butterfly_04.06.15 SGP_6426 Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_FallowDeer_04.06.15

SGP_6440 Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Ranger Walk

SGP_6467 Susan Guy_Calke Abbey_Clouds_04.06.15

Friday: End of a busy week and supermarket shopping was called for

Not every week is like this, however this week has been an absolute blast and loved every minute of it, thankyou National Trust for amazing opportunities.