Easter adventures with National Trust – Part Two: Baddesley Clinton

Our Good Friday Easter adventure continued with a visit to  National Trust Baddesley Clinton

Susan Guy_Baddesley Clinton_Apr 3 2015 (1 c

The newest volunteer made us smile…the Easter Bunny Scarecrow

Susan Guy_Baddesley Clinton_Scarecrow_Easter_Apr 3 2015 (1 c

Perfect image of Easter and Spring … Daffy Duck amongst the Daffodils.

Susan Guy_Baddesley Clinton_Daffy Duck_Apr 3 2015 (1 c

Susan Guy_Baddesley Clinton_Daffy Duck trio_Apr 3 2015 c

We enjoyed a fantastic Easter egg trail around the Woodland and garden which resulted in a yummy Cadbury chocolate egg

Susan Guy_Packwood House_Easter Trail_Apr 3 2015 c

Susan Guy_Packwood House_Easter Daffodil_Apr 3 2015 c

I thought how beautiful the outdoor seating looked with pots of Daffodils and raindrops, the Duck seemed to be enjoying it too, not sure if he was catching crums of cake or drinking from puddles.

Susan Guy_Baddesley Clinton_Seating_Easter_Apr 3 2015 (1 c

Susan Guy_Baddesley Clinton_Seating trio_Easter_Apr 3 2015 (3

Beautiful stained glass windows and Spring floral arrangements inside the Tudor timber framed home.

Susan Guy_Baddesley Clinton_Windows_Apr 3 2015 c

In the Kitchen

Susan Guy_Baddesley Clinton_Kitchen_Apr 3 2015 (1 c

The Great Hall with its amazing tapestries, sumptuous red carpet and enormous fireplace.

Susan Guy_Baddesley Clinton_Great Hall_Apr 3 2015 c

I adore this blue glass, not only the colour but the cut and design

Susan Guy_Baddesley Clinton_Glasses_Apr 3 2015 c

There is something special about old books and their covers, I often wonder about the person who might have read it and what is contained within, maybe some notes down the margin

Susan Guy_Baddesley Clinton_Books_Apr 3 2015 (1 c

Dressing up fun creating Tudor portraits in the Moat Room

Susan Guy_Baddesley Clinton_Tudor Portrait_Apr 3 2015 c

Part One can be found here


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