Easter adventures with National Trust – Part One: Packwood House

Our Easter adventures started on Good Friday with a trip to National Trust Packwood House

Susan Guy_Packwood House_Daffodils_Apr 3 2015 c

As we approached the estate we were greeted with a beautiful line of Daffodils followed by magnificent yellow Forsythia on the house wall. The contrast between the old bricks and yellow petals was just beautiful.

Susan Guy_Packwood House_Forsythia (1 c

Brightly coloured Easter Eggs hanging with ribbon decorated many corners of the house making it feel so welcoming, especially to children who were on the look out for “Golden Eggs” Even though our children are teenagers they really enjoyed spotting the eggs, some were rather hard to find.
Susan Guy_Packwood House_Easter Egg_Apr 3 2015 c   Discovered my Easter Bunny trying to hide in a doorway……the Bunny ears gave the game away

Susan Guy_Packwood House_house rabbit_Apr 3 2015 c

Can you spot the golden egg hiding in the Delft tiled bathroom, each of the 460 tiles in this bathroom have a different image. This has to be one of my favourite rooms.

Susan Guy_Packwood House_Bathroom_Easter_Apr 3 2015 (1 c

Teacups make amazing bulb planters

Susan Guy_Packwood House_Drawing Room_Daffodil Teacup_Apr 3 2015 c

Ireton Bedroom and miniature chairs in Queen Marys bedroom

Susan Guy_Packwood House_Bedrooms_Apr 3 2015 c

We had to look high to spot this egg!

Susan Guy_Packwood House_Window Egg_Apr 3 2015 c.

Beautiful seasonal Daffodil and Tulip displays in the Inner Hall and Study

Susan Guy_Packwood House_Hall Study_Apr 3 2015 c

Super shiny spoons have superb reflective qualities

Susan Guy_Packwood House_Dining room_Apr 3 2015 c

The rain had just started so it was a quick bunny hop around the garden, unfortunatly the Yew garden was closed due to the amount of rain fall over previous days so we hope to revisit another day.

Susan Guy_Packwood House_Garden Bunny_Apr 3 2015 c

Susan Guy_Packwood House_Garden Bunny (1

Susan Guy_Packwood House_Garden_Apr 3 2015 c

I had read about the walk to Baddesley Clinton and decided following the Stratford Upon Avon canal which joined up with the Grand Union canal sounded rather beautiful.

Susan Guy_Stratford Canal_April 3 2015 c Susan Guy_Stratford Canal_Lock Gates Barge_April 3 2015 c
It was a nice walk over bridges and past lock gates and on a less rainy day imagine it to be spectacular. However today was damp and drizzly with some very muddy parts, never the less fun and a walk to be remembered, if only for the mud coming over the top of our boots!


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