Tis the season for a Christmas Tree

I’ve always wanted to go and walk around a Christmas tree field with a tag and choose what tree will be in our house for Christmas, tall & skinny, short & fat, fir cones or not, so what better way to spend the afternoon than a visit to Bradgate Trees (a family run business in the heart of Charnwood Forest) to select our Christmas tree.

Each tree is sold by the foot & colour coded for price depending on variety, we were searching for green ticket tree (Nordmann Fir).

As you can see there are lots to choose from.

SGP_5183 Susan Guy_Bradgate Trees

The whole experience felt exciting and one to definitely share with the family.

So armed with our named yellow ticket & a stapler to fasten it onto the tree off we went in search of the “magical one”

SGP_5170 Susan Guy_Bradgate Trees

It was tricky to remember where we said “this one” only to find a slightly different and possibly preferred tree down the next aisle …take a camera with you if you want to avoid running backwards & forwards although I have to say that was also part of the fun

SGP_5158 5174 5175 Susan Guy_Bradgate Trees

SGP_5157 5160 5184 Susan Guy_Bradgate Trees

SGP_5177 Susan Guy_Bradgate Trees

Our daughter found a stick shaped like a dowsing rod & used it to hunt out the ones she liked, mostly the larger size trees that wouldn’t look out of place in a magnificent entrance hall of a stately home

SGP_5163 5165 5172 Susan Guy_Bradgate Trees

After a little debating at who had chosen the best tree this is the one that will be coming home with us in the next week or so. (you can of course visit and take home same day if preferred) It’s tall, bushy around the bottom, tapers beautifully and a long enough spike on the top for fairy

SGP_5167 Susan Guy_Bradgate Trees

SGP_5189 5190 5191 Susan Guy_Bradgate TreesOur eldest daughter didn’t come with us but I hope she does when we return to find “our tree” cut it down and have it netted.

What a magical & memorable Christmas tree this will be from selection to decoration


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