Packwood Follies Hive – National Trust Packwood House

It was a privilege to be invited by the National Trust to attend the opening of Packwood Follies.
Packwood Follies are three commissions by artist Hilary Jack entitled InsideOutHouse, Embedded and Hive located around the grounds of National Trust Packwood House, Warwickshire.

– This is the third in a series of blogs from the opening event.

The previous weeks weather had been glorious sunshine, blue sky and fluffy white clouds, today however was different ….rain, not ideal you might think for walking around the grounds of a large country estate but it was a thoroughly enjoyable day sharing lots of laughter, catching up with friends, having fun and puddle splashing! So don’t be put off by the weather, get out and enjoy

Hilary Jack has designed and created beautiful structures from reclaimed objects, chairs, cupboards, draw fronts & windows and turned the “junk” into fantastic works of art. The pieces are staggeringly beautiful, most people would just throw away broken pieces of furniture but Hilary has revived what could be destined to a skip into something that I will certainly be visiting again and bringing my family to see it.

DSC_0446 SusanGuy_Packwood House_PackwoodFollies cReady to explore the next artwork, Hive. A community of small huts almost secretly hidden within the topiary Yew garden to honour the gardeners at Packwood who over the years seem to secretly maintain the flower beds & yew bushes dashing backwards and forwards to their tool sheds like bees to a hive.SusanGuy_Packwood House_PackwoodFollies DSC_0355 0357 0445SusanGuy_Packwood House_PackwoodFollies_HiveSusanGuy_Packwood House_PackwoodFollies_HivesJo Bell, poet smelling a rose “it was like Peaches on a stick” wonder if this will inspire a future poem?
DSC_0492 SusanGuy_Packwood House_PackwoodFollies cStanding in the rain talking about our magical day, still not deterred by the weather but excited about the prospect of cake in the kitchen garden cafe.
SusanGuy_Packwood House_PackwoodFollies_GardenChat

You can read about the cafe opening here

DSC_0518 SusanGuy_Packwood House_PackwoodFollies c

– The Packwood Follies was funded by a Cadbury Play Grant, with technical assitance from JP Art Services & Architectural drawings by Melissa Hunt.


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