Ceramics in Charnwood 2014

Susan Guy_Ceramics Market people collage 2014
Last weekend a variety of ceramicists came to Loughborough market for the Ceramics in Charnwood market.
It is amazing to think that these beautifully crafted items all started off as a lump of clay, such a wide variety of objects from trays, cups, vases and plant pots to buttons, decorative objects and wall hangings.
Susan Guy_Ceramics Market collage (1)DSC_0037 Susan Guy_Ceramics MarketSusan Guy_Ceramics Market collage (3) DSC_0038 Susan guy_Ceramics marketSusan Guy_Ceramics Market collage (2)DSC_0055 Susan Guy_Ceramics Market There was also the opportunity to throw your own pot on the potters wheel with the option to have you bowl glazed and fired for a small cost. Looking back at these photos of our daughter making a bowl I really wish I had a go…I’ll have to put it on my “to do” list for next time
Susan Guy_Ceramics Market collage with borderDSC_0051 Susan Guy_Ceramics Market

List of traders at the event, links to artists in blue.
David Pantling Ceramics
Bridget McVey Studio Pottery
Lindsay Thomas Ceramics
Janet Halligan Ceramics
Carl Gray Ceramics
Hazel Higham Ceramics
Oddbods Ceramics by Jean Blood
Guy Routledge Ceramics
Kathy Goodridge Studio Ceramics
Anna-Mercedes Wear
Sheepshead Pottery
Snail Pottery
Lindsay Thomas Ceramics
Mark Smith Ceramics
Simon Shaw
Lynn Hazel British Wildlife Sculpture
Stonesplitter Pottery
The Handmade Mug Company
Art by Zoe Petrie
Nicholas Marsh
Penny Withers Ceramics
Michael Richmond Ceramics
Ben Brierley
Muggins Pottery
Ceramics by Hank and Kath
Salsbury Ceramics
Consall Forge Pottery
Pollie and Garry Uttley Ceramics
David Wright
Katherine Winfrey Earthenware Pottery
Zoo Ceramics
Lesley Nason Ceramics
The Other Pottery
Barbara Butterworth
Nita Rao
Martin Shackleton
Lynn Fox
Barbara Butterworth
Sue Barton
Kath Jamieson

If you were trading at the Ceramics market and I have missed listing you please let me know, those who are not linked to a website and have one let me know and I will include you


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