Weekend wanderings at Wychwood brewery

Following a very enjoyable weekend away it’s difficult to know where to blog about first!

In 3 days we visited two National Trust properties ( Snowshill Manor and garden & Upton House and gardens ) we enjoyed a short stay with afternoon tea  in Bourton on the Water plus a wander around the model village….( more on those later ) plus a special tour of the Wychwood brewery near Oxford
…. I will start with the brewery visit

As a result of taking part in a series of #BTTN challenges (Bring Taste To the Nation) over the past few months with Wychwood brewery (brewer of Hobgoblin beer), a handful of lucky participants were crowned High Chieftan Goblineers. I feel very proud to be one of these people and when Friday arrived it was time to head off excitedly to Witney near Oxford to meet the other High Chieftans and to enjoy a day at Wychwood brewery with tour, tasting, prizes, fun and meeting up with other Hobgoblin lovers.


DSC_2320_SGuy_Wychwood VintageJohn Williams Clinch founded the first brewery in Witney which was successful for 120 years, in 1983 the site was renamed the Eagle Brewery by new owner Paddy Glenny, in 1990 it was renamed again to Wychwood Brewery by Ian Rogers and Chris Moss. Hobgoblin beer was born in 1988 following a request by a local landlord to create a special beer for his daughters wedding. Not all was consumed and the remaining beer went to a local landlord who sold the barrel easily so requested more, now over 60,000 barrels are brewed each year.
DSC_2361_SGuy_WychwoodThe distinctive artwork drawings on the labels are inspired by myths & legends associated with the Medieval forest that surrounds the area, Wych wood.

DSC_2267_SGuy_WychwoodFellow Goblineers hear a little history from Chris with whilst eating lunch and sampling Piledriver & Hobgoblin. Piledriver is one of Wychwoods latest beers and was launched by Status Quo!
DSC_2257_SGuy_WychwoodDSC_2265_SGuy_WychwoodInside the brewery

DSC_2317_SGuy_WychwoodBoardroom sampling with one of my new favourites, King Goblin.
DSC_2327_SGuy_Wychwood DSC_2331_SGuy_WychwoodA wide range of bottled beers for sale in the Wychwood gift shop for consumption at home
DSC_2357_SGuy_WychwoodWychwood brewery are so warm, welcoming & friendly. Thankyou for such an amazing time.
DSC_2547_SGuy_Wychwood 2337 2338Gorgeous goodies from a superb day out


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