The Aah Factor – Lambs

Last weekend saw the start of lambing at Calke Abbey. After watching a couple of BBC Lambing Live episodes I couldn’t wait to visit and see the real thing. This year was different to previous years as Home Farm was open for visitors to see the Portland Sheep in the maternity ward, a separate area within the farm buildings for new mums & the large kitchen garden where lambs (and their mums) a few days old grazed on grass. These lambs seemed to have got the hang of walking and frolicking very quickly.

The slate Lambing Live signs put a smile on my face with their cute chalk sheep drawings
DSC_9348-1 Susan Guy Calke DSC_9330 Susan Guy Calke

Sheep trivia:- Portland sheep are one of the oldest UK breeds, they originated on the Isle of Portland. They are a rare breed & have been at Calke since around 1770. In the 1970’s there was only 77 breeding Ewes in the country, this figure has now risen to around 2,000 thanks to the help of dedicated breeders and the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Portland lambs are born a rusty red colour which fades with age to a creamy white in the first couple of months. The meat was highly sought after for it’s flavour and fine texture by King George III.

Here is my first view of a Portland lamb.

DSC_9276-1 Susan Guy CalkeComing up, some more aah photos

DSC_9340-1 Susan Guy Calke Susan Guy Calke 9764 9865 9886 DSC_9868 Susan Guy Calke lamb DSC_9324-1 Susan Guy CalkeHay barn and maternity ward at Home Farm

Susan Guy Calke 9305 9312 9317This little lamb in the new mums area is only 1 – 2 days old

DSC_9302 Susan Guy CalkeHome Farm looks a really cosy traditional farmhouse with gorgeous red brickwork & slate roofs

Susan Guy Calke 9319 9321 9327I really didn’t want to leave, but seeing the cute little lambs gave a warm feeling all over and the start of new life and Spring. I returned back to the car park via the kitchen garden & gardeners tunnel. Raspberries are just beginning to shoot in the kitchen garden and Sweet Peas have been planted ready for glorious scented displays in Summer
Susan Guy Calke 9262 9267 9344

I wanted the blog title to be a cute version of the “X factor” & came up with the Aah Factor but how do you spell aah?

How do you spell it? aah? aargh? aahh? As you can see I came up with all sorts of spellings none really looked right and some sounded as if Pirates were talking!


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