Snowdrops in springtime sunshine

High winds and rain had been a regular occurrence for what feels like several weeks. Upon awakening from a deep sleep, throwing back the curtains to reveal a bright sunny morning with little wind, it was definitely the kind of weather required to visit local woodland. I had heard the woodland had swathes of Snowdrops but had never visited so hoped it would live up to my expectations. Susan Guy Dimminsdale SnowdropStunning reflections, great views and majestic trees, this wood within the National Forest really is beautiful

DSC_5125 Susan Guy reflection pool

First glimpse of Snowdrops did not disappoint, I think I even gasped at their beauty.
The sunlight and early morning dew made the forest floor twinkle.
Susan Guy Dimminsdale snowdrop (2)I hope you enjoy just a few of the photographs I shot.
DSC_5240  Susan Guy Snowdrop DSC_5252  Susan Guy Snowdrop DSC_5228 B&W  Susan Guy Snowdrop Susan Guy Dimminsdale snowdrop (3) DSC_5308 Susan Guy Snowdrop

I feel it was worth laying in the mud and getting the odd funny look from other walkers around the wood.
What do you think?


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