Kinver Edge & Rock Houses – Mini blog

Fabulous day out at Kinver Edge & Rockhouses started with a gorgeous blue sky and big fluffy white clouds.
This is just  a mini blog to wet your appetite to visit such an amazing National Trust property
DSC_7154 Susan Guy Kinver DSC_6942 Susan Guy Kinver DSC_7029 Susan Guy Kinver DSC_7062 Susan Guy Kinver DSC_7072 Susan Guy Kinver DSC_7084 Susan Guy Kinver DSC_7101 Susan Guy Kinver


On trend at Nottingham vintage fair – published in The Guardian

February 14th 2014 was not only Valentines Day but also the day to discover another of my photographs selected into The Guardian, within the “Life & Style” section.
This photograph gained 2nd place (out of 7) causing lots of joy in our household.

Shot handheld with a slow 1/6 shutter I wanted to emphasise the flurry of activity as people perused the rails at the Nottingham Vintage Fair hoping to find their next vintage/retro bargain, perfect dress or latest trend.

The Guardian Trend copyDue to ranking in the top 3 it also gained publication into the weekend magazine.

The Guardian Trend magazine montage c

Ribbons and Lace

The ladies at Fabric Theatre and Honeysuckle & Castle worked their magic again today with gorgeous ribbons, drapes and lace at the Wedding Open Day within the Riding School at Calke Abbey. I popped in early for a sneak preview
DSC_6610 Susan Guy FT H&C (11)DSC_6604 6605 6615 Susan Guy FT H&C DSC_6607 6616 6626 Susan Guy FT H&C DSC_6609 6614 6630 Susan Guy FT H&C DSC_6618 6631 Susan Guy FT H&C The house and grounds at Calke are very picturesque there’s even an old boat stored in the ceiling of the Riding School.
DSC_5929 6104 6672 Susan Guy FT H&C

Snowdrops in springtime sunshine

High winds and rain had been a regular occurrence for what feels like several weeks. Upon awakening from a deep sleep, throwing back the curtains to reveal a bright sunny morning with little wind, it was definitely the kind of weather required to visit local woodland. I had heard the woodland had swathes of Snowdrops but had never visited so hoped it would live up to my expectations. Susan Guy Dimminsdale SnowdropStunning reflections, great views and majestic trees, this wood within the National Forest really is beautiful

DSC_5125 Susan Guy reflection pool

First glimpse of Snowdrops did not disappoint, I think I even gasped at their beauty.
The sunlight and early morning dew made the forest floor twinkle.
Susan Guy Dimminsdale snowdrop (2)I hope you enjoy just a few of the photographs I shot.
DSC_5240  Susan Guy Snowdrop DSC_5252  Susan Guy Snowdrop DSC_5228 B&W  Susan Guy Snowdrop Susan Guy Dimminsdale snowdrop (3) DSC_5308 Susan Guy Snowdrop

I feel it was worth laying in the mud and getting the odd funny look from other walkers around the wood.
What do you think?

Birdwatching & cake at National Trust Calke Abbey

I don’t consider myself to be a Twitcher but I do enjoy birdwatching. The hide at National Trust Calke Abbey always has a good variety of birds that come onto the feeders and into the surrounding bushes & trees.

My first spot was this Great Spotted WoodpeckerDSC_5329 Woodpecker crop Susan GuyA white board in the hide lists recent birding sightings, Winter visitors the Brambling and Siskin had been seen although neither spotted for a couple of days so I wasn’t feeling very hopeful…..but then I saw one, a Brambling pecking around finding food on the floor with some Chaffinches.

DSC_5342 5372 Susan Guy

BramblingDSC_5435  Brambling vignette crop Susan Guy

Fantastic selection….Goldfinch, Blue Tit, Great Tit and a SISKIN although he had he back to the camera!DSC_5360 Siskin Goldfinch Blue Tit Susan Guy

Christmas card favourite, the Robin
DSC_5367 Robin crop Susan Guy
The cool February air blew around the viewing windows and after sitting still and watching for well over an hour, my chilly hands and feet needed warming up. A visit to the restaurant was defiantly a good idea for a delicious warming hot chocolate with Marshmellows and sprinkles, I couldn’t say no to a slice of Chocolate sponge!
DSC_5383 crop Susan Guy
Feeling content and warm it was back to the bird hide for just a little longer before heading home. It was starting to get dusk and the feeders had seen so much activity during the day that they were almost empty.

Coal Tit perched on a mossy twigDSC_5443 Coal Tit crop Susan Guy

The mossy twig is obviously a good perch, here’s a Blue TitDSC_5428  Blue Tit extra crop Susan Guy

The Woodpecker and Siskin returned and this time the Siskin posed for my camera
DSC_5358 5365 Susan Guy

Just as I was leaving a Redpole (I think) and Nuthatch flew in.DSC_5370 5395 Susan Guy

These photos were all shot using a Nikon 200mm lens, I really would love at least a 300mm, thankfully the quality is great and you can zoom into the image alot without losing definition.

Can you spot the Woodpecker on the left photo? On the right is the same shot but cropped.
DSC_5415 duo Susan Guy