Steampunk – Claymills Victorian Pumping Station

Over the festive period I made a visit to Claymills Victorian Pumping Station, excitedly the Pumping Station was in steam. (Check the website for forthcoming steam days)

In 1885 the pumping station was completed and pumped sewage from Burton-upon-Trent to farmland 3 miles away. The site closed in 1971 & restoration work began in 1993.

Claymills img1761 1774 1791

Claymills img1612 1776 1899Fabulous blacksmith onsite,  Hayley Powell from Forever Forged

DSC_1594 Claymills

Claymills img1588 1591 1599Fantastic Victorian workshops with a great collection of tools, pincers & spanners

Claymills img1578 1583 1604There are four large beam engines by Gimson of Leicester, 1885, these are  in pumping house C-D.
The heat smell and steam was overwhelming but nice.

Claymills img1649 1741 1744 Gimson & Co builder’s plaque on the cylinder casing of ‘C’ engine. Claymills img1666 1689 1742Climbing the stairs to gain access to the top floor was quite a challenge with a camera bag as they are quite narrow.
It was worth it though, watching the beams go up and down was mesmerizing

DSC_1861-2 Claymills

Claymills img1684 1685 1690Beautiful light switches and giant cogs

Claymills img1670 1674 1682Boiler House shoveling coal to provide power to the engines

Claymills img1696 1702 1714Deep in the basement is a bathroom with small bath that workers and families used on a rota basis.
I can imagine how much of a luxury a hot bath with running water must have been, instead of a tin bath in front of the fire.

DSC_1748 ClaymillsA fabulous museum and well worth visiting, especially on the days when it’s in steam.



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