Christmas at Baddesley Clinton

I had a throughly enjoyable visit to Baddesley Clinton, near Birmingham recently.

I couldn’t have called in at a better time. The volunteers and staff were busy decorating the house for the Christmas period. What a fabulous day, it really got me in the mood for the upcoming festive time of year.

DSC_1611 c
The house is festooned with fabulous decorations, huge twinkling trees and the smell of clove studded oranges floats through the rooms. It really is a magical place.Baddesley Clinton DSC_1503 1586 1620The pantry table is full of goodies, Christmas cake, Brussel Spout stem (Christmas simply isn’t complete without Spouts!), herbs, spices, dried fruit, bread and apples from the orchard. I could really imagine the hussle and bustle that must have taken place in this room.

DSC_1570 c

As you enter the Great Hall the most glorious tree stands majestically in front of you, covered in lights, paper chains, silver bells, birds, glittery baubles and paper flags with brown paper parcels ready for Christmas day.DSC_1523 c

DSC_1526 Christmas Bell

DSC_1540 cStunning stained glass windows line the corridor that lead to Henry Ferrers’ bedroom and the chapel

Baddesley Clinton DSC_1578 1581 1587My favourite room is the library, I just love collections of books and their ornate patterns on leather spines. Originally a ships figurehead the Oak carved Eagle now becomes a lectern.

Baddesley Clinton DSC_1591 1593 1595Another wonderful Christmas tree stands nestled next to the armchair in the corner, over the fireplace is my favourite decoration …a crepe paper garland. It reminds me of Christmas at my Grandparents farm.

Baddesley Clinton DSC_1596 1598 1600

DSC_1606 c

Baddesley Clinton DSC_1623 1627 1629


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