All the fun of the fair – Loughborough 2013

November 13th – 16th 2013 saw the return of Loughborough Fair
I’m not keen on the rides but I do enjoy the atmosphere and watching others enjoy themselves on rides

DSC_0395 loughborough Fair 2013

Excited to see slow shutter speed creates stunning images and turn fair rides into giant Lollipops!

DSC_0487 Loughborough fair 2013

Minions seemed to be popular prizes this year, we ended up with 3Loughborough Fair 2013 Img 362 451 469 Loughborough Fair 2013 Img 411 420 436

My daughters favourite – Hook A DuckLoughborough Fair 2013 Img 324 326 333New ride this year was a giant Ferris Wheel
DSC_0294 Loughborough Fair 2013

DSC_0306 loughbrough Fair 2013

No fair would be complete without the sugary snacks
Loughborough fair 2013 Img 345 373 374



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