Music Beer Food & Craft Festival

Super short blog featuring photos from a recent fair I attended.

Waltham on the Wolds – Music, Beer, Food and Craft Festival, all my favourite things in one village hall.

This is my stand Susan Guy Photography

Waltham Susan Guy Photography copy

Sutherland is a very nice beer from Belvoir Brewery perfect for a Summers day.

Waltham Belvoir brewery copyWaltham DeliWaltham The Waltham Deli 3129 3131 3132 copy

Meats of the World with an unusual selection of burgers

Waltham Meats of the world 3141 copy

Waltham Meats of the World  3133 3134 3135 copyAbi Moore a Lincolnshire singer & songwriter

Waltham Abi Moore 3164 copy

Elaine Underwood, artist

Waltham Elaine Underwood 3143 3144 copyBird tables and insect houses

Waltham Insect boxes 3155 copy

Rainbow Arts, hand painted watercolour and pastels pictures, cards and paper weights by Mike Weston

Waltham Mike Weston 3147 3149 3151 copy

Carved wooden apples, so smooth and tactile to feel

Waltham Wooden Apples 3154 copy

Handbound books using acid free paper

Waltham Handbound books 3152 copy

Silk flower arrangementsWaltham Flowers 3159 3161 copyNicke Crafts, beautiful beaded jewellery.

Waltham Nicke Crafts 3145 copy

SKatchick-A artwork

Waltham SKatchick-Art 3158 copy

Waltham Facepainter 3165 copy


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