My visit to The Workhouse, Southwell – National Trust

The Workhouse garden

The Workhouse, Southwell, Nottinghamshire uk. A very interesting place to visit to see how society dealt with poor people

The Workhouse

Magnificent looking building but men, women and children were segregated from each other. The yards outside are divided by high walls and windows were frosted to stop children from looking out to see their parents.

The Workhouse building

The Washhouse

The Workhouse washhouseThe Reverend Becher, founder of the Workhouse and copy of The Workhouse rulesThe Workhouse rules

The damp and dark cellars, used to store and prepare foodThe Workhouse cellar

A very basic and bland diet consisting mostly of porridge and potato

The Workhouse Kitchen

Harmonium and ornate clock

The Workhouse Harmonium clock

The schoolroom

The Workhouse Schoolroom

Sleeping quarters with original peeling paintwork

The Workhouse Boys Dormitory

Womens dormitory

The Workhouse Girls dortitoryBeautiful stone stairs that are worn down the centre from use.

The Workhouse stairs
1970’s bedsit

The Workhouse Bedsit


The Workhouse Bedsit 171 172


The Workhouse Bedsit 161 163 164 167


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