Wartime 1940 day – Shepshed Watermill, Leicestershire

Once a year Shepshed Watermill in Leicestershire holds a Wartime 1940’s event. It’s a lovely day out with vintage stalls, vehicles from yesteryear and the mill is also open for visitors to walk around,

This year the Blacksmiths forge was open with demonstrations.

Watermill Blacksmith 183 185 187 190 192Beautiful old Chevrolet

Watermill car 204 205 206

Selection of gas masks for children adults and babies.

Watermill gas mask 197 198 200Wartime vehicles and a Rolls Royce Meteor Engine which was incredibly noisy.

Watermill Vehicles 194 196 201 202 208 209 221

Stunning car, owner informed me it’s tricky to drive, only has 3 gears and is normally black so this green version is quite rare. Nice to see the occupents dressed in period costume.

Watermill Hewitts 213 214

Inside the ground floor of the mill

P1100085 Watermill 2010


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