Magic Worlds ….Fairies Myth and Magic in Leicester

Fairies, myth and magic galore in the new exhibition at New Walk Museum Leicester.

Young or old Magic Worlds is a touring exhibition created by the V & A Museum of Childhood.

Magic Worlds Sign Dragon

On opening day the Queen of Hearts was searching for her tarts with Alice in Wonderland
Magic Worlds Alice and Queen of Hearts

See the fantastic array of Magic tricks and illusions

Magic Worlds magicalHave a Narnia experience or see Fairies at the bottom of your garden with the stunning Cicely Mary Barker prints, definitely my favourite area.
Magic Worlds Narnia Fairies

Magic Worlds would not be complete without Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings (my husbands favourite part)

Magic Worlds LotR

These are just some of the wonderful things to see, so why not go along and have a look for yourself.

The exhibition is open from May 4th – September 29th 2013


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