2020Vision Photography Roadshow – National Trust Calke Abbey, Derbyshire

2020VISION is the most ambitious nature photography project ever staged in the UK. It aims to engage and enthuse a massive audience by using innovative visual media to convey the value of restoring our most important but often fragmented natural habitats – to show that healthy ecosystems are not just for wildlife, but are something fundamental to us all.”

The 2020Vision roadshow visits National Trust, Calke Abbey near Ticknall, Derbyshire from April 10th – April 29th 2013.
Calke Abbey 2020Vision pano 485My previous blog featuring some of the wildlife around Calke Abbey gave a glimpse of the exhibition. Now for a more in depth look. Nice for all ages so worth visiting, oh and it’s outside in the stableyard so dress appropriately x

I arrived just before the 10am official opening time so a few last minute preparations were taking place
Calke Abbey 2020Vision 436 437 438  copy Calke Abbey 2020Vision pano 279

A wider selection of photographs, none are full frame images of photographers work as I wanted to capture an insight of the exhibition and not duplicate shots that other people have taken time to create.
DSC_0323 copyI thought it would be interesting to photograph the exhibition in an alternative way with reflections and zoom burst (not done that technique for a while and certainly not without a tripod)
Calke Abbey 2020Vision 342 343 461 482 copy

Calke Abbey 2020Vision 317 329 472 copy

Calke Abbey 2020Vision 492 copy

I found it very difficult to choose a favourite, I wonder if that’s what this couple are discussing?
Calke Abbey 2020Vision 432 470 copyThe European Hare (photographer David Tipling) above is one of my favourite shots as it reminds me of my childhood, I also really like the Orange Tip Butterfly as it brings back memories of when my children would try to catch butterflies in the garden, Wobbly Tree Branches (photographer Ross Hoddinott) because they are in a forest close to my home and the Red Grouse contrasting against the purple heather moorland (photographer Ben Hall), just because I love purple.
DSC_0282 copy

Calke Abbey 2020Vision 440

As with most NT properties there’s a really nice restaurant serving meals or snacks, gift shop and pantry with selection of local produce.

For further details about the property, opening times and prices see the National Trust Calke Abbey website. Need directions? click here

I hope you have enjoyed your armchair visit? Have you already been do you intend to go? Please leave a comment.


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