Purple Myrtle Tree – yarnstorm for Mothers Day

Once again the “Purple Myrtle” tree was the topic of discussion in our household and the best way to stop off for a visit. Secret agents from the  Knitting Group Birstall had been out again and yarnstormed especially for Mothers Day (10th March 2013 in UK) placing flowers in trees and on sticks for passers by to “pick”.
There have been comments in the press recently discussing the act of yarn storming and if there are any benefits. I rather like it as it always makes me smile which surely, has to be a good reaction.

Mothers Day montageSo it was decided to take a trip to  New Walk Museum and Art Gallery , have cake and Gingerbread Latte at Costa Coffee, visit to the Richard III exhibition at The Guildhall stopping off at the purple myrtle tree on the way home for our daughters to pick a crochet or knitted flower. I’ll blog about the rest of the trip another time.

Mothers Day montage 2Selecting the chosen flower was almost as hard as selecting real flowers from the supermarket. So many beautiful creations each with a little message to read

Mothers Day montage 3

Our chosen flowers
Mothers Day montage 4Now home for Roast chicken with all the trimmings and a Rhubarb & custard cake for dessert….YUM


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