Waxwings – such a pretty Winter bird

This morning started off very cold but with a beautiful red sky. After the school run I could hear the familiar twittering of some Waxwings.  High up in a tree were just 3 beautiful Waxwings preening themselves in the morning sunshine, previously I have flocks seen of between 30 – 50 of these sweet birds.

Several parents passed wondering what on earth I was doing just staring up at a tree, one or two stopped to talk and discovered the pretty little birds that had caught my attention. Unfortunately no DSLR with me this morning, fortunately though I had have my trusty compact camera in my pocket so was able to combine my love of photography with a spot of bird watching.

P1230414 waxwing square copy

Approximately the size of a Starling, Waxwings fly from Scandinavia to the UK for the Winter to feast on Hawthorn, Rowan and Cotoneaster berries. The birds have the most wonderful high pitched call Waxwing audio

waxwing montage copy


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