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On the busy A6 into Leicester is the  most amazing tree, every time I have driven by in the past month I have been meaning to stop and admire the work of the  KGB (Knitting Guerillas from Birstall). Today was the day to stop, sit on the bench and admire. The purple crochet and knitted squares have been sewn around the tree providing it with a beautiful woolen coat to wear.

Scary Fairy looks down from a branch
P1240521 copy                                         P1240520 copy

The purpose of today’s visit to Leicester was to take part in a Natural Light portrait photography unconference at LPPG (The Leicester Peoples Photographic Gallery) An excellent informal talk from LPPG member Scott Choucino followed by practical challenges in pairs. The task was to compose photographs of our partner using just the natural light to illuminate and altering ISO, shutter speed or aperture to get the correct exposure. So much was learnt and so much to practice but thoroughly enjoyed the day.

From the LPPG it was a short walk around the corner to the  New Walk Museum and Art Gallery  Open 24 exhibition to view my entry that had been chosen by a panel of judges. My photograph hangs in the gallery along with work from many other talented artists, designers and crafters from around Leicester, Leicestershire and the East Midlands. Most of the artwork featured in the exhibition can be purchased from the museum shop or through the Own Art scheme

The Open 24 exhibition runs from February 2nd – April 7th 2013

2013-02-02 13.38.36

Here’s just some of the fantastic work on display at Open 24, can you spot my entry nestled near the centre of this photo. (I was granted permission to take this photograph)
P1240548-1 copy
A huge amount of information is contained within the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, it truly is a fantastic museum. Visit The Dinosaur Gallery,  Ancient Egypt or Wild Space, take part in interactive activities or wander around the Picasso Ceramics exhibition . There is also a wonderful coffee shop & gift shop.

Entry to the museum is free, however donation’s are gratefully received


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